Elevate your mom-life and smash mom-guilt

That feeling in your gut that there is something more for you. You should listen to that.
If you are struggling to feel fulfilled even though things are pretty good. You should definitely start to dig into that feeling in your chest and see what your body is trying to tell you. I know now what it is… But I ignored it for so long. And it left me struggling in the mundane, feeling as I was “just a mom” but the funny and/or crazy and weird thing is that I LOVE being a stay at home mom and that left me feel guilt, and I beat myself up for asking for more than all the amazing things I was already given.

But I’ve come to learn that it’s always worth giving up good for great and that that feeling you can’t shake of that there is more for you, that feeling is right and I believe it’s your purpose trying to tell you to awaken your inner powerhouse, girl!

If you are here, you are my girl and I know you have that pull within you for more!
But I also know that you are probably feeling pretty dang overwhelmed! Like how in the world are you going to fit in more things on your already full plate? When are you going to take the time to figure out what that calling is? How are you going to figure it out, because honestly, it’s been there for so long that you are just so used to ignoring it by now, or you’ve tried before just to fall right back into your old habits and without knowing that calling after a lot of hard work… When others seem to get big bold life changing messages in their meditations, you only hear crickets… The clouds are not opening up and you don’t see the white light at the end of the tunnel. To be honest… You don’t even know where the tunnel begin…

And I have the answer that you don’t want to hear. The tunnel starts with YOU.
With you starting to honoring yourself. With you drinking your water, taking time to breath (and bathe for that matter) for you to do things that make YOU feel good and alive. Y’all know that I believe that journaling is such a powerful tool! You will find yourself in your own hand while writing. Morning routines changed my life as well! This is where I made extra time for myself.
Simplifying my life and my motherhood made life easier for me and I had less weight on my shoulders trying to do it all…

Girl, I want to help YOU set yourself up for success to find yourself, and to create space in your day to do the things you love. To build the business you can’t stop thinking about – because THAT may be your calling that will just create joy and fulfillment beyond motherhood! I want you to have systems in your home that make you feel less stressed out and that will help you feel as a better mom and wife – because you will show up different – and you are so so worthy of that!

I’m so excited you are here, friend.
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Remember; you matter and stay hydrated.
Xo Lina