Track your progress + obstacles!

Hello gorgeous soul.
If you are new to me, WELCOME!
You might not know that I LOVE to write… I have about 50 000 different journals, my desk is usually a mess with 10 000 notes of ideas and I’ve been wanting to kick off this blog – but honestly, I was kind of wondering if anyone read blogs in almost 2021..?
But since you are here. Yay, the tickle in my gut was right. Maybe these words are for YOU!?

This is not my first blog. I’ve had blogs in Swedish, mom blogs, fitness blogs, my Toned Mamas Bootcamp blog and it’s fun, but it also adds a stress to always be creative and produce content. SO, I will try my hardest to add 1-2 posts a week here – but if life strikes – I’ve promised myself not to sweat it. Also. while we are at it… If you are a grammar police – welcome to your paradise! Not only is English my second language – but I write fast and I often miss my mistakes… So I want you to lower your expectation. Deal..?

Ok, so I help moms get to HER next level. And what I notice often (and do myself is…)

and then QUIT.

But what if we start to see the obstacles a part of our goal without giving them too much attention. Like what if instead of throwing in the towel when you ate to much cheese cake would be like… Hmmm, I ate to much cheesecake last night, I feel like crap right now – BUT I will still keep on moving toward my goal instead of F this, I’m starting over on the magical Monday around the corner and eat twice as much all weekend because you already have ruined it…

Or in your business – you set a big goal – your obstacle comes in the form of seeing 2 likes on your big idea – do you just throw your hands up in the air and feel like you SUCK – or do you start to problem solve and figure out how you can get more eye balls on your content?

Learn to accept the obstacles.
Learn to love the obstacles.
Yes love them, because they will help you grow and become better.

So this brings be to TRACKING it all.
The good, the bad the ugly.

When you start to track your wins but also the obstacles – you might be able to see that the obstacles are silly little things trying to get your attention away from your goal.

And it’s freaking fun to see all the things BS-Betty is trying to throw in your face.
(BS-Betty is the mean girl in your head or the devil on your shoulder like in the old cartoons…)

So! I want to encourage you today to start tracking all your stuff. Your wins and your obstacles. Do it in your planner, or journal or wall calendar. Wherever you choose – just start! Yep start in the middle of the week because you are gangster like that, just like I’m pretty gangster starting off my blog on a Thursday. Because WHY the heck NOT. Let’s go mamas. It’s time to level up, get to the next level so you can Elevate Your Mom-life.

You matter friend.

Love, Lina.

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