Is it too late to set a word of the year?

2021 have kicked off and we are ankle deep into all our “wishes, hopes, dreams and goals” for this new year.
Everywhere we turn people seem to be talking about their goals, their new diet, their new work out routine etc.

Im going to take the wild guess that you have heard about the idea of picking a word of the year.

But is it too late now since we are almost in the second week of the year..? If there is one, WHEN is the due date to pick one? What if you can’t find one that you like? What if you picked one and it dosen’t feel right..?

Girl. There are NO rules you have too follow. NO right way to do this. You are the owner of your life.

A word of the year is just an intention you make to help you have your intention at the tip of your nose, and fresh on your mind to remember each day.

When you don’t feel like doing “it” or you have to much on your plate… A simple reminder in the back of your head your intention, your word, should help you align again.

In 2020 my word was clarity.
In 2021 my word is show up.

It have already helped me show up when I don’t feel like it, or its hard, frustrating, or when I crave chips and salsa I recommit and show up to my wellness goals and show up eating fruit and veggies and not empty carbohydrates.

A word or a phrase is something you choose to help motivate you and empower you along the way.

Don’t overcomplicate it. Pick a word that feels right. Don’t overthink it, follow that gut feeling.

You can also pick a new word each week or each month.

I often add a word in the beginning of the month for an area I need to pay attention to a little extra.

If you need some extra help there are TONS of words on the good ol’ google.

Or check this list out.

NO one is going to come and save us. So we need to actively choose every day what it is we really want and stick to it even when we don’t feel like it! A word can do that for you.

Feel free to borrow my “show up” phrase – or another word you can use is ELEVATE.

If you have one already picked out, I would LOVE to hear what it is in the comments.
If not, tell me why you feel like this is not right for you.

Also, don’t forget to sign up for my elevate your mom-life emails I send out weekly.

Let’s show up in 2021.

xo Lina

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