Hey Friend, I’m Lina!

I’m on a mission to help moms stop doubting and sabotaging herself and get to her next level with confidence and knowing her self worth.
I’m here to help you chase the uncomfortable – because this is where we start to elevate your life from mundane to the next level!
Change is scary and uncomfortable. Challenging all the old beliefs is uncomfortable. Putting yourself out there is uncomfortable. Wondering what other people say is uncomfortable.
But staying STUCK where you are now is uncomfortable, too.
You are worthy to elevate to your next level.
You matter so much!

What does an Elevated Mom-Life mean to me?
elevate[ˈeləˌvāt] VERB raise or lift (something) up to a higher position.
I’m here to raise you up and help you center your life around what is most important to you.
I want to help you walk confident toward your dreams. I want you to know WHO you are.
It is time to get out of the mundane lane of life start owning your daily choices, owning how you show up, stop talking and start doing – even though its imperfect. Stop hiding behind your self doubts, behind your family, behind your to do list and start trying, start creating, start listening to your calling. Start trusting yourself that you are created for more. Know your worth. Listen to that heart beating within you – it’s not created to live a small life or just get by. Your calling is put there from a higher power,
It is time to RISE up beyond the comfort.

If you are new here let me share some of my story.

I am a Viking.
Well at least I come from the Viking blood lines.
I grew up in Sweden in a small town up north, but I moved to California when I was 20 years old as an au- pair with plans to stay for one year. But as a young Swedish gal out traveling the world, I met a marine who stole my heart. We got married 19 months later and we have been married 14 years with a life time to go. We have 4 amazing girls together. We also have a golden retriever named Heidi who is 4 and is the sweetest dog you’ll ever meet. Oh and I became a American citizen in 2018!

I’ve been in the health and fitness industry for almost 10 years. I’ve taught classes in gyms and trained people in my own Toned Mamas bootcamp classes I created at different parks as well as online.
In 2020 I changed direction of my business because I was sick and tired of talking pounds and calories with people. I wanted REAL change on the inside. I wanted moms to not only feel amazing and strong in her body but also know her worth, and have the courage to go for that pull of “I’m made for more” within her.
I became a certified confidence coach in and working on expanding my certificates to become a life coach.
The word life coach kind of drives me crazy… But yet, it’s giving me the tools and knowledge to help others elevate her mom-life along with my own. 2021 will be a big year with a lot of new changes and fun things I’m adding!

I always say I’m a little bit of everything.
I love Nutella on a spoon and I also love a kale salad. I love waking up early in the morning drinking a cup of coffee and reading a book, and sometimes I like to stay up late binge watching a show with my hubby.
I love to mediate, journal and do yoga, and I also love HIIT work outs, sprints and body strengthening exercises. I’m a home bod and I love new adventures. I love the mountains and I really miss the beach. I love to spend time with friends and family and also need my alone time. I’m a dreamer, yet often get stuck in the “how” and don’t get anything done! I love being a stay at home mom and I love building a business. We are planning a life time of traveling the world yet want to soak up every minute of where we are now.
I believe we all have a little bit of everything within us and that we don’t have to choose to be either this or that. When we add the AND we don’t have to be stuck in one box how we are suppose to be and live our lives!

Thank you for being here!
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Remember, you matter, drink your water and chase the uncomfortable – because that’s where your next level is hiding!
Let’s elevate our mom-life and change good for great and fine for fantastic.

Xo Lina.

Work with me!